littlemiss fits

dipping my toes into new waters

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


apparently, age-play is considered by some to be a form of edge-play...

according to some "mainstream" and kink information sources this classification is due to the amount of emotional/psychological risk involved. i understand (first-hand) how potentially dangerous regression can be if not under the proper guidance. a predator (of which there are many, as we all know), given access to such a raw and vulnerable spirit could do some serious (and possibly irreparable) damage to the psyche of the regressed individual. it's for this reason (i believe) that age-play is often named as a form of edge-play.

it doesn't ~feel~ that "edgy" to me, though. i'm sure this is because i know that i am safe under the hand of my One. i know that He cherishes me and desires what's in my best interest and so i know that i can be completely free to do whatever He requires without reservation.

i'm His.

i never would have guessed how happy that fact could make me. i never could have supposed that being owned would satisfy such a longing in my heart. i fit. i belong.

being wrapped up in Daddy's arms is a bondage more freeing and uplifting than any i've ever experienced. being crushed beneath the weight of Him, tender and fierce, makes me tremble with delight. being able to look out upon the world with eyes of wonder; smile, play, sing, dance and laugh unabashedly; to adore Him (not in theory, not just words but actual, bona fide adoration) without any inhibition and to be exactly who and what i am without a hint of shame is the gift He's given me. my complete and utter devotion; the offering of body, mind and soul are a pittance by comparison. it's my good fortune and by His generosity that i'm given opportunities to please and honor Him.

there's no flame

(but a passion which burns fiercely)

there's no blade

(the spirit is allowed to bloom)

there's no blood

(drenched in soulful torrents)

but it's dangerous
(my heart beats only for Him)

it's radical
(limitless devotion and trust)

it's edge
(my life is in His hands)

i'm Daddy's little girl

Thursday, February 02, 2006

One can never consent to creep
when one feels an impulse to soar.

~Helen Keller

so many sell themselves short
they settle for less than what they need
they fold themselves
into whatever shape they must
to fit

my form is fluid
a soul, too full
to be contained
flows from my lips
my eyes
my fingertips

joy has taken root

i'm, no longer, an origami girl